Discover the Beauty of Cosabella Lingerie

Cosabella, translating to beautiful thing in Italian, was founded in 1983 by Valeria and Ugo Campello. Proudly made in Italy, the brand was founded under the belief that lingerie should serve more than just function. Valeria Campello believed that lingerie should be beautiful and that it should highlight women’s confidence and femininity. 

At Selena’s Lingerie, we’re proud to offer a selection of Cosabella underwear including bras, panties, and lingerie. 

Italian-Inspired Lingerie in Fashion-Forward Designs

Cosabella maintains its Italian roots in each of its designs. With family-run villa workshops dotted across Italy, they continue to offer traditional craftsmanship today. Combining the finest quality materials with skilled artisans, Cosabella designs beautiful lingerie that’s both comfortable and functional. 

Cosabella lingerie is easily recognizable by its use of delicate lace that adds texture and dimension to each piece. Their flattering designs inspire romance and passion. They prioritize beauty in each of their designs with lingerie that perfectly encapsulates the culture of classic Italian fashion. Dainty, timeless, and feminine. 

At the heart of each design is the recognition that lingerie is the first piece of clothing to touch your skin at the beginning of each day. Slip into a piece of luxury and begin each day inspired and confident.

Cosabella bras and panties offer fashion-forward designs that are feminine, chic, and fashion-forward. Using delicate Italian lace that’s been expertly sourced in seasonally appropriate colorways, their collection of lingerie remains fresh and on-trend. With multi-dimensional designs, their ready-to-wear-inspired lingerie is made to be seen. 

Dress to impress with boudoir-inspired lingerie that’s appropriate for everyday wear. Captive and lounge effortlessly in intricately designed lingerie by Cosabella. Shop our selection of Cosabella

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