85% of women are wearing the wrong size Bra!

*The size chart is a suggested starting point. Finding your perfect fit is an intimate process.

*You can vary your size depending on the brand and style.

*If you live near the area we recommend you to set an appointment with us for a bra fitting session clicking here.


You'll need a measuring tape and your favorite unlined bra.

1. Find your band

Measure your underbust and use the chart below to find your band.

2. Find your cup

Subtract your band size from your bust size and the difference will give you your cup. You use the chart below.

3. Find your size

Now just put your band and cup size together and you have your size*

Please note your body composition may affect your band size.

*If your body type is firmer you might have a larger band size.

*If your body type is softer you might have a smaller band size.

*If you are in between cup sizes we recommend rounding up.

*If your measurements are in between sizes we recommend also trying your sister size.

Please see the chart below.