Care Guide


Always follow any care instructions given on the label of your lingerie.

1. Wash your lingerie items as often as everyday of wear.

2. Bras may be worn 2-3 times before washing. 


To wash by hand follow the steps below:

1. Fill the sink with cool water and add lingerie wash. (we recommend 'SOAK', no rinse). 

2. Soak Bras 3- 5 minutes.

3. Do not wring or rub aggressively.

4. Gently wring water (No need to rinse when using SOAK).

5. Hang or lay flat to dry completely before putting away.


For best results when machine washing follow the steps below:

1. First, clasp the bras and then place your lingerie in a lingerie washing bag to prevent damage. 

2. Wash on the Delicate or Hand Wash cycle in cool water with lingerie wash (we recommend 'Forever New').

3. Hang or lay flat to dry completely before putting away. 

4. Never wring out your lingerie or put it in a dryer as this will damage the materials.