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Selena’s Comfort Project

A way for you to join us in thanking all health-care professionals and nurses in North Carolina

who continue to head into work each and every single day

to serve other and caring for our community during this time of crisis.


At Selena’s Fine Lingerie, we are touched

by the courage and selflessness of these individuals who are putting themselves in harm's way to protect

ALL of us.


With your help, we will provide these special individuals

in the Triad and North Carolina a gift of comfort.

(For more details click on the "Sponsor a nurse today" button.)


We are so grateful for our sponsors.

Chester C. Greensboro (2)

Lake H. Georgia (2)

David L. Greensboro (1)

JPJ Mart Greensboro (4)

DeWilde Designs Greensboro (3)

AJ's Pressure Wash Greensboro (1)

Marquis R. Greensboro (1)

Donita D. TN (2)

US Global Shipping Greensboro (5)

Daisy S. Greensboro (1)

Xochitl V. Raleigh (1)

Michael H. Thomasville (1)

Julio S. NYC (8)

Cierra S. Snow Camp (2)

Fazil R. Georgia (2)

Nubia P. Greensboro (1)

Luis. Greensboro (1)

Beatriz. F Greensboro (1)

Kevin D. Raleigh (2)

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